Dr. Marwan Hameed

Dr. Marwan Hameed

Dr. Marwan Hameed

Professional and Educational Background

Dr. Marwan Hameed is a practicing dentist in Lakeshore Smiles Dentistry, Ontario. He attended the Dental School in Iraq, where he graduated in 1999. After practicing dentistry for several years in the Middle East, he relocated to Canada where he enrolled in an extensive dental program.

Distinctions and Awards

Before being considered eligible to study in Canada, Dr. Hameed had to sit for a pre-entry exam. He defied the odds by scoring an outstanding 94 points, and out of 572 applicants, he emerged as the second best candidate. This guaranteed him a place at the University of British Columbia's Dental School. He then studied at the University for two years, before obtaining his Canadian dental board license.

Further Education

To keep abreast with the latest technology and enhance his skills in dentistry, Dr. Hameed constantly engages in perusing different dental courses in Canada and abroad. He thrives on providing the best medical and dental care in oral surgeries, root canals, Invisalign orthodontics, and other aspects of dentistry. Additionally, Dr. Hameed has surgically placed and restored various dental implants and oral surgeries across Canada. He will continue to further his dental education to offer the best care to his patients and keep up with the advancing technology.

Membership Program

Dr. Hameed is a member of different dental and medical associations. The associations are Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association, and the British Columbia Dental Association.

Passion in Dentistry

While the road to becoming a fully certified dentist is demanding, his passion for the sciences and determination to become a dentist is overwhelming. His true passion, however, lies in offering dental care to patients in the rural community who cannot afford dental care services. He has a keen interest in performing dental implants, Invisalign alignment treatment, complex oral surgical procedures such as root canal therapy and wisdom tooth extraction.

Positions in Professional Work

Dr. Hameed has held various positions in his profession. In 2010, he led a delegation from the University of British Columbia on a dental exchange program in Japan. During the exchange program, he practiced dentistry in Tokyo and Niigata.

Volunteer and Community Work

Dr. Hameed believes in providing voluntary medical care to the rural community. Through this, he has actively volunteered his dental services in Northern Ontario and British Columbia.

Social Life and Interests

Besides routine duty, Dr. Hameed has a family to take care of. He is married to Samar, and they both have a daughter named Jenna. He enjoys traveling, swimming and playing tennis together with his family. Dr. Hameed also yearns to undertake a few motorbike lessons. He would like to acquire a motorbike if his wife allows him.


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