Sleep Apnea Treatment


Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea treatments can be hard to come by, especially ones that are affordable. We offer one of the best, most reliable sleep apnea treatments in Etobicoke so you can sleep soundly at night. Let us help you feel your best with a great nights sleep.

Sleep Apnea in Etobicoke, ON

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects patients during their sleep causing infrequent breathing patterns. This inability to breathe is characterised by shallow breaths or long pauses between breaths. This can be potentially dangerous if the patient is unable to wake themselves. Long term health effects have also been connected to sleep apnea, from high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. This is a condition that you will want to get taken care of as soon as possible. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea may experience these pauses in breath, also called "apneas" that last as long as 40 seconds. These apneas cause the brain to wake long enough for the patient to move to a different sleeping position, so they may resume breathing. Patients may be completely unaware that they even have sleep apnea until a spouse or roommate tells them or shows concern over the matter. It is best to get the condition treated as soon as you become aware of it to avoid any long term effects.

What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Through sleep apnea treatment in Etobicoke, the cause has been narrowed down to a simple movement. When the patient lies on their back for sleep, their jaw moves back slightly into the throat - this is normal for every person, however, sleep apnea is caused by the jaw moving too far and cutting off the air supply. Symptoms of sleep apnea may include:
  • Fatigue
  • Morning headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering things during the day
  • Irritability
  • Night sweats
  • Depression
  • Sudden awakenings at night, often accompanied by a feeling of choking or gasping
  • Snoring

What Can I Do?

Combating sleep apnea doesn't have to be hard, or expensive. Our sleep apnea treatment in Etobicoke will help stabilise your lower jaw and tongue forward, repositioning them to make room to breathe at night. Get ready to have the best night's sleep you've had in a long time.

Through our studies at the sleep apnea treatment center in Etobicoke, we have developed a sort of mouth-guard that you wear during the night to prevent apneas. This nightwear also helps control and reduce snoring, so your spouse can sleep soundly next to you, without the need for inconvenient and expensive breathing strips.

Our specialised sleep apnea nightwear helps stabilise your tongue and lower jaw, positioning them as if you were standing up. This creates the necessary room your throat needs for you to breathe properly during the night. Best of all, it's not expensive in comparison to some other treatments, and our nightwear is easily removable, portable enough to be placed inside a small purse or suit jacket.


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