Education and Professional Background

Dr. Mamarbachi is a practising dentist in Lakeshore Smiles Dentistry in Etobicoke, ON. She attended The University of Damascus, Faculty of Dentistry in Syria, and graduated as a dentist in 1998.

Observership Program

Upon graduation, she did her observership in a multi-specialty dental office in Massachusetts, USA, in 2001. During her observership, she obtained advanced dental specialist training such as anaesthesia administering, oral surgery, and treatment among other dental complications.

Professional and Educational Background

Dr. Marwan Hameed is a practicing dentist in Lakeshore Smiles Dentistry, Ontario. He attended the Dental School in Iraq, where he graduated in 1999. After practicing dentistry for several years in the Middle East, he relocated to Canada where he enrolled in an extensive dental program.

Distinctions and Awards

Before being considered eligible to study in Canada, Dr. Hameed had to sit for a pre-entry exam. He defied the odds by scoring an outstanding 94 points, and out of 572 applicants, he emerged as the second best candidate. This guaranteed him a place at the University of British Columbia's Dental School. He then studied at the University for two years, before obtaining his Canadian dental board license.