Dental Emergency


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We accept walk-ins and prioritise emergencies. Give us a call or walk-in if you have any of the following dental emergencies:

  • When bleeding from the mouth
  • Have swelling bulges on your gums
  • Have severe toothache
  • Loss of teeth
  • Experiencing swelling in the facial area
Dental Emergency in Etibicoke, ON


Our dental office is open till night and we are open during Saturdays.


We encourage patients to walk-in to our dental office in case of emergency.


We have created a very professional and welcoming environment for our patients.

What to be done in cases of dental emergencies

  • Missing teeth: This requires immediate attention. Rinse the teeth in clean water without scrubbing and ensure that the root is not interfered. This is to protect the fibers on the root surface. A tooth with its fiber intact can re-implant in its socket in 30 minutes thus you can try putting it back to its socket.
  • Toothaches and pain: For chronic tooth pain, you can rinse with warm water, clearing any material lodged between the teeth. You can as well use a cold compress and prescribed antibiotics if there is any swelling. You can take some painkillers at recommended doses to ease the pain.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Any tear on the tongue, cheeks, or lips might lead to a dental emergency. You are required to clean the area with warm water. In case the bleeding persists, go to the emergency room for further checkup where the wound will be sutured and repaired.
  • Fractured teeth: Depending on the magnitude of the tooth fracture, you should see the dentist for appropriate treatment. This is so because the fracture may have caused damage to the enamel, dentin or pulp.
  • Abscesses and infections: This occurs around the root of the tooth, gum, and the surrounding tissues. This calls for immediate medical care.


We strive on creating great experience for our patients. From opening till late hours including the weekends, crafting great and cost effective offers to welcoming patients in a state of the art dental practice. This is our objective; putting a smile on your face.


We take the trouble of dealing with your insurance company instead of letting you handle it. Unlike other dental practices, we will process the insurance claim on your behalf so you have less worry about the hassle and enjoy our enhanced experience.


We make it easy. We understand that financials could be difficult so we work with our patients to make it less of a burden. We work with our patients to agree small monthly payments if necessary. Just ask our front-desk and we will get it arranged.

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